Hassen Souie becomes the first professional to provide services in electrical maintenance in his hometown

June 11, 2019

Despite its phosphate mining sector, many young graduates struggle to find employment in the region of Gafsa. Aware of this challenge, Hassan Souie decided early on in his studies that he wanted to launch his own business. With support from the Mashrou3i project, the 26-year-old entrepreneur has established an electrical services company which provides electrical systems and security solutions for residential and commercial clients.

Before launching Alfa Plus, Hassan studied electronics, electrical engineering and industrial automation at the Gasfa ISET (Higher Institute for Technological Studies) and began a master’s degree in management and industrial maintenance which he stopped to focus on his job freelancing as an electrical engineer.

“I had all the basics I needed to get started,” says Hassen. “Initially I was working as a freelancer for companies in the region, installing electrical and fire system and surveillance cameras. Two years on, I knew I’d already gained enough experience but was still hesitating to launch my own business.”

After meeting an expert from Mashrou3i, a project funded by USAID, the Italian Cooperation and HP Foundation and implemented by UNIDO, Hassen gained vital skills and confidence to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

“Mashrou3i was the kickstart I needed to launch my business,” explains Hassen. “Thanks to the HP LIFE e-learning training, I was able to develop my business model and determine my budget and starting capital.”

During the HP LIFE training Hassen also strengthened his managerial skills and acquired many tools that helped him launch his business in March 2018 and successfully manage daily operations.

Located in El Gtar, a rural area 20 kilometers from the city of Gafsa, Alpha Plus has already positioned itself on the region’s market for electrical and security systems. The business provides employment to 5 people – 2 technicians, 2 workers and an administrative assistant who mainly helps in Alpha Plus’s electrical products shop.

“We provide quality products and services that make our company innovative and stand out,” says Hassen proudly. “In El Gtar we are the only firm on the market but in Gafsa we have already started to attract commercial clients that need electrical installations and security solutions.”

A specialized coaching in communication techniques, provided by Mashrou3i also gave Hassen the opportunity to present his business on the radio to promote Alpha Plus in the region.

Going forward, Hassen hopes to grow his business and to continue offering his customers an innovative service and quality, with the support of Mashrou3i.

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