Bringing excellence to education in Kairouan

March 5, 2020

In a brand new three-story building near the center of Kairouan, in one of the most populated areas of the city, Ihsen Sghaier launched Pythagore, a private high school for children in the region.

“My school is a bit special. I created it just as I imagined, drawing on all the pros and removing the cons I’ve encountered during 7 years of private education,” Ihsen explains.

Ihsen, 34 years old and a mother of three, invites us into her educational world where 90 young people from the 7th to the 3rd grades follow a high quality secondary education.

“After graduating in Arabic Literature, I started my career as a teacher in the private sector. Since then I only had one dream, creating a center of excellence and private high school in a large residential area in Kairouan, where until now there wasn’t one.”

In 2017, she discovered the project Mashrou3i, funded by USAID, and then embarked on journey that guided her towards entrepreneurship.

“Thanks to the support of Mashrou3i, I presented my business Pythagore on regional radio. Following this, many parents registered their children to my school.”

Ihsen also attended other trainings offered by Mashrou3i, including marketing and tax obligations, which enabled her to develop her skills, better manage the administration and daily life of her institution and focus her efforts on providing quality education.

If the admission level of students in regular courses is high enough, Pythagore provides scientific courses in French, IT courses in English, 2 more hours of French, mathematics and English, and additional courses such as German and robotics. Ihsen is even offering collective and personalized support to students with a psychologist in order to achieve a perfect match between the objectives of a selective education and the psychological balance of children.

Encouraged by positive results from her students, Ihsen is determined to go ahead and continue working for quality education such as the French and American schools in Tunisia.