Monia turned her passion for graphic design into a digital printing business in Tozeur

June 11, 2019

While digital printing is in full swing in Tunis, it’s still early days for the sector in Tozeur, southwestern Tunisia. Aware of this business opportunity, Monia Jhimi launched Créapub, a digital printing company specialized in personalized gifts.

After graduating in Graphic Design from Kairouan’s Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts, Monia knew that she wanted to launch her own business.

“After my studies, I worked for 3 years in a printer in Tozeur, where I learned a lot” Monia reveals. “Although I was scared about becoming an entrepreneur and the challenges it involved, I dreamed of starting my own printing company and making a living from my passion for graphic design.”

Monia learned essential printing skills during this first professional experience. Encouraged by her family, and even her own supervisor, she decided to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

“I discovered Mashrou3i in 2017 and took part in an HP LIFE training for aspiring entrepreneurs,” she says. “It helped me to prepare my business plan and strengthened the managerial skills I needed to launch my company.”

The project Mashrou3i, organized by UNIDO and funded by USAID, the Italian Cooperation and HP Foundation, also gave her the opportunity to promote her business on a regional radio station.

“Through its online and face-to-face trainings, Mashrou3i has taught me how to be self-disciplined and organized – essential qualities for every entrepreneur.”

To launch her business, Monia obtained a loan of 16,000 Tunisian Dinars from the BTS (Tunisian Bank of Solidarity) to purchase a printer, printing press, cutting machine and office equipment.

Located in the city centre of Tozeur, Créapub officially opened its doors in July 2018. The company produces business cards, promotional materials and has also diversified into the production of personalized objects such as t-shirts, mugs and gifts.

Success was just around the corner and Monia very quickly saw major growth in her customer base. “In the beginning nobody knew about my business, but I always put my best foot forward”, she says. “In addition to my emphasis on quality and respecting deadlines, I always guarantee the confidentiality of each client’s data. Today, everyone who tries my services becomes a loyal customer.”

Within a short time, Monia has successfully raised awareness of her business in Tozeur and the surrounding areas. She continues to promote the business and attract new clients through social media. The young entrepreneur is full of ambition and is already planning to recruit an assistant to help her with administrative tasks.

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