Success story: This self-confessed geek is spreading his passion for new technologies among youth

December 21, 2018

Houssem Eddin Benjemaa, a young entrepreneur from Gabes, recently founded Think-Tech, a training school focused on new technologies and electronics. A self-confessed geek, Houssem Eddin has been passionate about technology since he was a little boy.

With a degree in Industrial IT from the University of Sciences in Gabes and a Master’s degree in Mechatronics, Houssem Eddin has nurtured his knowledge and skills in robotics and new technologies over time.

“While finishing my studies, I started looking for an internship in Tunis,” says Houssem Eddin. “I still remember how my friends were surprised that I wanted to find an internship and work without any pay. But this experience has paid off in the long term.”

After the internship, Houssem Eddin continued developing his skills, working on a research project for a higher education institute in Tunis. “When I turned on their computer, I saw that Windows 98 software was still operating. That’s when I had the idea to dedicate myself to developing a business idea in new technologies and electronics.”

“Most institutions, whether hospitals, schools and universities, continue to use outdated technologies. Yet only a few professionals are offering the maintenance or repair of these electronic devices.”

The tech-savvy entrepreneur decided to launch a specialized training centre to pass on his passion to others and ensure a growing number of young people can repair and maintain these technologies.

Houssem Eddin’s entrepreneurial journey began when he subscribed to the HP LIFE e-Learning training of the Mashrou3i project, a public-private partnership between the Tunisian government, USAID, the Italian Cooperation, HP Foundation and UNIDO. During this training, he improved his management skills and developed his business plan with the support of UNIDO experts.

“The HP LIFE training was of crucial importance to me,” says Houssem Eddin, “It helped me confirm my future objectives and build a solid business plan for my project.”

A year later, on the 1st of January 2018, Houssem Eddin opened his training school, Think-Tech, in his hometown of Gabes.

“By creating Think-Tech, I wanted to contribute to the development of the country’s administrative systems by training the next generation in the new era of technology and electronics.”

In order to reach this point, Houssem Eddin also benefited from the support of Mashrou3i’s regional expert.

“The coach from Mashrou3i was very supportive, he helped me during all the stages of my project creation, from administrative procedures to the establishment of the centre.”

In addition to the project’s deep-dive coaching, Mashrou3i offered Houssem Eddin the opportunity to showcase his training centre on regional radio. Following his interview on Ulysse FM, Houssem Eddin was contacted by 4 clients and his social media pages gained a lot of visibility and new followers.

With two employees and five freelance trainers, Think-Tech is now open to anyone wishing to learn more about new technologies, from IT students to fans of electronics.

“Today, we train our students in the design and programming of electronic cards, technical software such as AutoCAD, but also in simple computer language, such as HTML for those who are not so advanced,” explains Houssem Eddin. “I’m also planning to integrate more specific training in industrial computer and industrial electronics.”