Geeks Graphics brings digital design to Siliana

March 28, 2019

Some people may think that launching a digital agency is nothing new. But for 28-year-old Abdelmonem Saadi, the founder of the very first digital agency in Siliana, Geeks Graphics, the sector has opened up a new world of business opportunities in the region. Abdelmonem, an engineer in IT, first started his career in the private…

Marwa’s bakery proves a recipe for success in Kef

March 11, 2019

With its sugar frosting, vanilla pastry custard and a slightly crisp puff pastry, Marwa Nail’s vanilla slices have become the sweet speciality of the city of Tajerouine. Even people from neighboring Algeria do not hesitate to stop to enjoy the delights of La Genoise bakery. This is a success story from the north-west of the…

Sewing Success in Siliana

March 1, 2019

The region of Siliana is renowned for its natural and agricultural resources. Yet starting a business in this region, is not without its challenges. Ali Laabidi, a 27 year old graduate in Computer Sciences, is proving stereotypes wrong with the launch of his textile business, A.Lee. Located in Krib, a small town at the foot…