Mashrou3i organizes the 2nd workshop for the creation of an olive oil platform in Beja

March 19, 2019

Two weeks ago the first initiative to create an olive oil platform in Beja took place in Toukaber. Now 22 agripreneurs from the region have already started taking action!

On 16-17 March, the idyllic city of Tabarka was host to the second workshop for establishing an olive oil platform in Northwest Tunisia, organized by Mashrou3i, a project implemented by UNIDO and funded by USAID, the Italian Cooperation and the HP Foundation. Led by Mr. Mehdi Klai, a specialist for olive oil clusters, this 2-day workshop allowed farmers, producers and support institutions to work together for the same goal: building a strong strategy and an action plan to promote Beja’s olive oil value chain.

Identifying weaknesses, developing strengths, upgrading the quality of olive oil products, increasing the visibility of the local market abroad; all these issues were discussed in order to make the value chain more operational and to fully exploit the region’s olive oil production.

During group working sessions, the 22 participants (among them oil producers, agripreneurs, farmers, SMSA, GDA, companies, ODESYPANO and CRDA) also built strong foundations for the development of the olive sector in the region, agreeing on the strategic vision to adopt: “chetoui” olive oil of Beja, a “functional food” and a leverage for the development of the region.

Five strategic approaches were identified:

  • Development of Raw Material Supply (Olive)
  • Quality and training management
  • Environment and valuation of by-products
  • Financing
  • Marketing and Sales

These approaches mark the first step in a structural action plan for producers and farmers in the region.

The road ahead, however, is long. Upgrading Beja’s olive products and tapping into national and international markets through increased competitiveness and a label of excellence for the olive oil “chetoui” is a step by step process that will take time. Therefore, work will continue in the coming weeks through additional workshop sessions in order to follow up on the actions according to the 5 strategic areas defined.

This workshop is part of the Mashrou3i project’s objective to promote the wealth of Tunisian regions and to improve unity within the value chain. In the long term, the common goal will be to create a cluster for olive production in the region of Beja.