Success story: Salma is pioneering coaching in Gabes with her innovating courses in Laughter Yoga

December 21, 2018

Located in a happening neighbourhood in downtown Gabes, Smart Way is a firm specialized in training for business but also for couples, families and individuals. When we meet Smart Way’s founder, Salma Lemhamdi, she is busy preparing the logistics for the launch of an important educational event in Tunis. The phone keeps ringing and Salma’s assistant patiently answers questions, informing people how to register for their upcoming conference on professional speaking which will be hosted by a famous TV presenter from the Middle East.

Salma is not new to training and coaching. She has been passionate about the field for many years but only recently decided to turn her passion into a business. In a clear and cheerful way, Salma enthusiastically reflects on her entrepreneurial journey.

“With a degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Management, I thought about a career as a teacher or in academia but I couldn’t find a job,” she explains. “My passion for new skills helped me discover the field of coaching. I relish every opportunity to improve my skills and have taken part in many different courses from neuro linguistics to laughter yoga.”

While working as a journalist for two years at Radio Oasis FM, a radio station in the region of Gabes, I was able to build up a name and local recognition, especially among coaching circles. All the ingredients were there to encourage me to start my own business.

Following an HP LIFE training from the Mashrou3i project in December 2016, she found the impetus to create her project, with the support and encouragement of a Mashrou3i coach, she quickly launched her project.

“HP LIFE Learning has been instrumental in starting my business,” says Salma. “On the one hand to determine my target audience and to develop my business strategy and on the other to develop my unique selling proposition for new services in Gabes. Thanks also to Mashrou3i and a training in communication and oral techniques, I also had the opportunity to raise awareness of my company on local radio.”

Salma recently launched the first Yoga Laughter courses in Gabes, bringing the technique for the management of stress to the region and training several coaches in this field. She is also responsible for training 22 trainers to support children with autism in schools and associations, as well as the organization of training for couples and families or people who want to learn Feng shui – the Chinese philosophy is current in vogue in Tunisia.

As an active member of civil society, the founder of the GhodwaKhir Association, the coordinator of ATID (an association to observe the elections), Selma has built up an important network that allows Smart Way to embrace challenges and win new markets across Tunisia. The firm has a growing customer base in other regions like Sousse, Sfax, southern Tunisia and even Tunis where Selma will soon welcome the lecturer and trainer from the Middle East to inspire people in the art of speech and presentation.